Tierra Neck Adornment

Tierra Neck Adornment


Earth inspired necklaces. 


Caracol 1: Ammonite centerpiece, African Turquoise, mookaite, on a beaded necklace.  24 in length. 


Caracol 2: Ammonite centerpiece, turquoise, black tourmaline, carved bone on a beaded necklace. 26in length. 


Caracol 3: Ammonite centerpiece, crazy lace agate, carved bone, jojoba seed on cotton cord. 27 in long. Goes over the head and hangs long. 


Two-Spirit: Bone feathers (Arizona), barro negro (Oaxaca), crazy lace agate, carved bone tube, red carnelian, on a beaded necklace. 26 in length. 


Red & Black: Semilla(seed) centerpiece, barro negro(Oaxaca), Huayruro seed (Peru), red coral tubes. On adjustable cotton cord. 


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