Blue Moon Collection

Blue Moon Collection


A special limited edition collection as a homage to the recent astrological alignment, these beauties were made under the Blue Full Moon on Halloween night. Designs come in various blue tones all adorned with sparkly blue clouds. 


1.  Sm Full Moon with metal base:  1in diameter, hangs 1.5 in and hooks at hypoallergenic

2. Lrg Full Moon: 2 in Diameter, hang at 2.5 in

3. Sm Crescent moon stud: Measure 1.75 in diameter

4. Sm Full Moon w/ metal base: 1.5 in diameter, hang at 2.5 in and hooks at hypoallergenic

5. Lrg Crescent Moon: 2in diameter, hang at 3 in 

6. Lrg Crescent Moon: 2in diameter, hang at 3 in

7.  Med Full Moon:  1.25 in diameter, hang at 2.25 in

8. MedFull Moon: 1.25 in diameter, hang at 2.25 in

9. Lrg Full Moon: 2 in Diameter, hang at 2.5 in

Ear hooks are nickel-free unless it's noted they are hypoallergenic. 



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