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Brown Grrl Fly

Jewelry as adornment and armor.

Brown Grrl Fly is a Queer Xicana Artsthetic, rooted in authenticity and created by visions of brown resilience. Brown Grrl Fly aims to influence confidence, pride, and joy and connect us to the flyest version of ourselves.

La Artista

Karina Ceja is a Queer Xicana artist raised in Pacoima, CA. via Michoacán, Mexico. A daydreamer intent on making her own dreams come true while still challenging the patriarchy and capitalism. As a child, books and colors were her sanctuary, and found this passion for jewelry design while in college, as a hobby, that provided supplemental income. In 2016, the universe nudged her into finally taking her jewelry design work to the next level. Formerly, Arte Pipirisnais, Brown Grrl Fly is a re-birth into my new journey as a self-sustained artist of color. She also works for Tia Chucha’s Centro as their festival coordinator and helped establish the grassroots collective home, El Hormiguero. For fun, she builds Lego, watches competition shows, and cares for her plantitas.


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